[ogg-dev] Additional ogg audio fomats (speex, flac, PCM)

Ralph Giles giles at thaumas.net
Sat Jun 2 08:10:42 PDT 2012

On Sat Jun  2 07:19:14 2012, clancy hood wrote:

> a) a command-line utility that allows me to encode to non-vorbis ogg
> audio (*nix)

There's not really a single utility. You can make .spx files
(speex-in-ogg) with speexenc, ogg flac files with 'flac --ogg', and
.opus files (opus-in-ogg) with opusenc.

> b) example files of the above

You can get an example opus file (with metadata) at

You can find some speex file e.g. at

Ogg Flac isn't very popular; it's mostly useful for muxing with video. I
don't have any examples handy.

No one uses ogg pcm at all. I think there are some experimental
implementations, but I don't remember where they are. I wouldn't
worry about that one.

> Am building a program part of which reads stream meta from uploaded
> audio files, and so have written a lightweight getid3-like set of
> classes that do this. Am handling ogg vorbis perfectly well already
> and would like to test it against the others.

Neat. Have you looked at calculating the file length so you can set the
Content-Duration header when serving the files back?

> Additionally (out of pure interest) does anyone know of good
> literature pertaining to examples of (ab)using libogg to package
> arbitrary audio formats?

We generally discourage this, since our mission is to provide
royalty-free, libre multimedia technology. However, if you have a
specific audio format in mind, this is a good place to talk about the
best way to define an Ogg encapsulation method.

HTH and thanks for supporting Ogg,

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