[ogg-dev] how to set default audio track?

Alexey Fisher bug-track at fisher-privat.net
Fri Nov 26 05:01:39 PST 2010

Am Freitag, den 26.11.2010, 23:15 +1100 schrieb Silvia Pfeiffer:
> Typically video players will play back the last audio track in a Ogg
> Theora file, because it is the last one that they see.
> There is no way to specify which is the "default" audio track and it
> would not make sense anyway. If you are a German speaker, your
> "default" would be the German audio track - if you are a native
> English speaker, it would be the English audio track. So, it's not
> possible to say which should be the default. Such a thing only makes
> sense in the context of a Web page that is clearly written in one
> language only. It's much more useful for your machine environment to
> understand what tracks are available. Maybe future versions of media
> players will actually do so and then choose your "default" track based
> on the language settings of your user login.

It make sense. Thank you for response.

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