[ogg-dev] Xiph.Org releases libogg 1.2.1 and libvorbis 1.3.2

Monty Montgomery xiphmont at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 14:10:45 PDT 2010

Xiph.Org is pleased to announce a full release of libogg 1.2.1
and libvorbis 1.3.2.  This is not a coordinated release, it was
merely convenient to do a release cycle for both at the same

Changes and fixes in the new libogg release include:

* Various build updates (see SVN)

* Add ogg_stream_pageout_fill() to API to allow applications
  greater explicit flexibility in page sizing.

* Documentation updates including multiplexing description,
  terminology and API (incl. ogg_packet_clear(),

* Correction of a possible buffer overwrite in stream encoding on
  32 bit when a single packet exceed 250MB.

* Correction of a read-buffer overrun [without side effects]
  under similar circumstances.

* Updates to unit testing to work properly with new page spill

Changes and fixes in the new libvorbis release include:

* Additional proofing against invalid/malicious streams in floor,
  residue, and bos/eos packet trimming code (see SVN for

* New programming documentation tree for the low-level libvorbis

* Correct handling of vorbisfile serial numbers array
  element [0] on non-seekable streams

* Back out an [old] AoTuV HF weighting that was first enabled in
  1.3.0; there are a few samples where I really don't like the effect
  it causes.

* Correct timestamp return for granule positions with high bit set.

* The [undocumented] half-rate decode API made no attempt to keep the
  PCM offset tracking consistent in seeks.  Fix and add a testing mode
  to seeking_example.c to torture test seeking in half-rate mode.
  Also remove requirement that half-rate mode only work with seekable

* Fixed a chaining bug in raw_seeks where seeking out of the current
  link would fail due to not reinitializing the decode machinery.

* Improvement of seeking strategy reduces the necessary number of seek
  callbacks in an open or seek operation by well over 2/3.

These library releases are ABI and API compatible with previous
incarnations of libogg and libvorbis.

Tarballs and zipfiles of the official release can be found in the
usual place at http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/ogg and

Happy hacking!


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