[ogg-dev] Screencasting using Ogg

Greg Lowe greg at vis.net.nz
Thu Mar 25 15:27:53 PDT 2010

Here's what I'd like to be able to do...

Record my screen to an ogv:

  - Record screen and encode in real-time using a light-weight encoder
settings (in order to keep CPU usage low while recording).

  - Store ATK events (i.e. key presses, and menu clicks) as they occur as
meta-data within the ogg.

After the recording is finished:

  - Post-process ATK meta-data to add overlays for highlighting mouse
clicks, and callouts containing text such as "File -> Open". The overlays
should be stored within the ogg.

  - Re-encode ogv using high-compression encoder settings, to get a smaller
file size suitable for distributing over the web.

I'd like to encode the screen captures using a lossless compression format,
such as zlib or PNG, to avoid compression artifacts around hard edges.

Would it be possible do do this using ogg and existing codecs?

(In case I'm being confusing, I am aware that there's no existing software
that achieves this process, I'm considering writing that myself. My question
is specifically whether the ogg container format and existing ogg codecs are
able to achieve this).

Some ogg codecs that could be potentially be used:

Some examples of some proprietary screen codecs:

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