[ogg-dev] [Bulk] Re: Make check failure

Neil Leathers neil.leathers at rogers.com
Mon Apr 5 08:13:00 PDT 2010

>>> The libogg test-cases are especially particular
>>> checks on exact (non-normative) aspects of the library behaviour. This
>>> is fine for their intended use: catching compiler/porting bugs on
>>> target systems, but it makes them less useful for development
>>> regression testing.
>> ... the test suite isn't particularly useful and ...
> It is useful for its intended purpose:  It checks the that libogg
> behaves exactly the way the check expected to behave.  For example, it
> hands libogg a sequence of packets and validates that the output is
> exactly as expected, down to the checksums.  Any change in the default
> pagination will cause test failures until the test is updated to
> reflect the new behaviour.

In regards to the comment "but it makes them less useful for development regression testing", should changes be made to the test suite to improve it in some way? If so, what is needed.

> No, I'd been discussing it on IRC, along with the justification and
> such.  Checking the commit log, discussions on the IRC channels are
> inclusive of every developer to commit to libogg since 2006 (2004,
> save one person).

My apologies, I searched the mailing list history only and thus had an incomplete sense of the context.

I am happy to see that I overreacted to this and that my concerns have been answered.

Neil Leathers

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