[ogg-dev] oggz-merge / oggJoin with files created with oggCat

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Tue May 5 06:26:14 PDT 2009


I think, I got the problem:

When I re-encode both audio files with the same quality/bitrate, oggCat/oggJoin works as expected.

The reason, that it does not work, is as follows: I had a lot of trouble concatenate the audio-files (as I was starting with video only). In many cases, the concatenation works even if the bitrate does not correspond (correct me if I am wrong). In some cases (ffmepg) the bitrate is not given in the ogg-header. Therefor I ignore the failing bitrate-test. The test is actually only done for channels and sample rate. 

In your case this does not work. So what you need to do is: re-encode the ogg/vorbis files to the same bitrate.

oggz-validate does not complain about the problem as it is the layer above (vorbis), that fails.  

Hope that helps!


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> Datum: Tue, 05 May 2009 14:01:48 +0200
> Von: j at v2v.cc
> An: yorn at gmx.net
> CC: ogg-dev at xiph.org
> Betreff: Re: [ogg-dev] oggz-merge / oggJoin with files created with oggCat

> Hi Yorn,
> all files can be found at http://firefogg.org/~j/oggmix/
> audio.ogg and video.ogg are create with oggCat:
>   oggCat audio.ogg audio_01.ogg audio_02.ogg
>   oggCat video.ogg video_01.ogg video_02.ogg
> oggJoin.mix.ogg is made with oggJoin:
>   oggJoin mix.oggJoin.ogg video.ogg audio.ogg
> mix.oggz-merge.ogg is made with oggz-merge:
>   oggz-merge -o mix.oggz-merge.ogg video.ogg audio.ogg
> in my test samples audio.ogg is already not working.
> second part is scrambled.
> oggz-validate does not give any errors for audio.ogg and video.ogg
> j

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