[ogg-dev] oggdec.exe crash

Wed Mar 18 08:02:58 PDT 2009

Hello there.
I can't use bugtracker because it is permanently think that I'm spammer.


System: Windows XP Service Pack 3

When I trying to decode any *.ogg file with oggdec.exe like this: 

oggdec.exe file.ogg 

I have an error (it is translate version - I don't have english version of Windows): 

Instruction from address 0x7c91b1fa trying to access 0x00000010. Memory can't be "written". 

Under Olly Dbg it looks like it failed right after: 

[oggdec.exe] 0040CD54: CALL <JMP.&libvorbisfile.ov_open> 

I have this error even when I try to decoding already encoded file: 

oggenc.exe file.wav (22050 Hz, 2 channels, 8 bits per sample) 
oggdec.exe file.ogg

oggdropXPd from rarewares (version 1.9.0 using libVorbis v1.2.0, 2008-03-16) works fine.

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