[ogg-dev] Providing rough idea about GSoC Project

Abhinav bijolianabhi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 07:58:48 PDT 2009


My name is Abhinav Chittora Student in Engineering College Bikaner (India)
with Information Technology stream.
let me introduce first. I am enough good in developing firefox addon so I
have choosen the project in which I have to make a firefox addon....(Making
Addon to record Voice Comment And stream it to icecast).

I want to explain how i am going to implement it..

I want to make a GUI for addon that enable user to use windows sound recoder
> to recode their voice comment and then the main task is going on floor. I
> have to change it into ogg so that i can stream it to icecast..

As on IRC someone told me that there is mp32ogg that converts mp3 into ogg.
I googled it and i found a that i was a perl script so for using that I have
to provide support for perl also. Is there any other method that can convert
wav in to ogg?

please  provide me if there is any method available.....

Abhinav Chittora
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