[ogg-dev] Fixing ogg vorbis corruption caused by bad metadata

Adam Rosi-Kessel adam at rosi-kessel.org
Sun Jun 21 06:29:23 PDT 2009

Conrad Parker wrote, on 6/20/2009 10:24 PM:
>> How about another approach -- is there a tool that will verify the page
>> checksums? oggz-validate doesn't seem to do this. If the page checksums
>> are okay, then doesn't that suggest the streams are also recoverable?
> If the page checksums are bad then the page will get rejected by
> libogg, and oggz-validate won't even see it (or its packets). "hogg
> dumpraw" will at least show the page CRC and segment table, before
> verifying the CRC, which could be useful.

Does it actually check the CRC, or is there some way for me to do so? I 
see the output from hogg dumpraw, but am not sure how to interpret it.

In other news, the MediaMonkey developers believe this is a bug in a 
(possibly) older version of vorbis_comment_add_tag():


Does this seem right and/or shed any light on how to undo the damage?


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