[ogg-dev] liboggplay: yuv to rgb patch

Viktor Gal wiking at maeth.com
Mon Feb 9 07:07:11 PST 2009


::: I'm sending a patch for liboggplay for comments. It adds
  - runtime cpu extension detection
  - fixed mmx implementation
  - added sse2 yuv to rgb conversion
  - added a faster vanilla implementation

::: currently it works fine on unix systems, the MSVC implementation needs
a bit of a hacking, but basically you get the concept of the refactoring.
If you have any comments/suggestions/ideas please let me know, except if
it's about ALTIVEC, NEON or MSVC, since they are on the way... :P

::: i'll wait 2 days for comments and then i'll commit the changes into the
repo + by then i'll have the altivec + msvc version ready.

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