[ogg-dev] Web Streaming project for GSoC

Filip de Waard f.m.dewaard at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 08:12:44 PDT 2009

In the following months, I am participating in the Google Summer of Code
(GSoC). My project evolves around improving web streaming for open media
formats and is mentored by Conrad Parker. The goal of the project is to
write a FastCGI module that accepts ranged requests for smaller segments of
media resources, using the liboggz library to perform the actual Ogg

There are a lot of ideas about features to include in the streaming
application, ranging from caching the requested ranges using memcached to
scriptability allowing the user to implement custom operations like
analytics or authentication in Python. To make sure we'll end up with a
working, useful project at the end of the summer, however, the initial focus
will be to create a fast, scalable prototype of the basic streaming
functionality with support for the Lighttpd web server.

There is a lot of work left to be done on the server end when it comes to
supporting open media formats and with this project I'm hoping to make a
contribution to that effort. Web browser support for open formats is
increasing, thanks to Mozilla Firefox, so offering the right tools on the
server end to enable publishers to adopt these open formats is key. It would
be wonderful if, in a few years, proprietary multimedia technology on the
web will be considered an awkward anachronism people had to put up with in
the 1990's.

Apart from introducing my project, I would also like to use this message to
quickly introduce myself to the community. I am a 22 year old programmer
from the Netherlands, currently attending Law School at Tilburg University.
My background is in web development, using the Python language. After the
summer, I'm planning to drop out of law school, to get back to programming
full time, as my passion for code turns out to be stronger than my interest
in Law.

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or even
just some general encouraging words. I am quite new to this community and
not deeply familiar with the different Xiph projects yet, so I could use any
help I can get. Thank you for accepting my project, and I'm looking forward
to working with the community to make this project succeed!


Filip de Waard
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