[ogg-dev] GSoC Proposal for Firefogg

Abhinav bijolianabhi at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 19:49:28 PDT 2009

My name is Abhinav Chittora. I have submitted my proposal for Firefogg
project for Google Summer of Code. This project is aimed to make a Firefox
extension that will support in recording sound locally and to stream it to
Icecast. This project will be great as Firefox 3.1 beta version have been
started supporting video and audio tags. Using these tag some web developer
may use voice commenting feature on the site and this extension will support

Therefore I want your attention on the proposal. you can see the proposal at
www.geekybuddha.org/abhinav/gsoc-application-xiph.pdf. Please send me

Abhinav Chittora
bijolianabhi at gmail.com
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