[ogg-dev] [PATCH] liboggplay: RGB/RGBA video, and rendering Kate streams with libtiger

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Mon Sep 22 02:56:50 PDT 2008


This is an updated patch, replacing the previous one. It allows rendering
Kate streams using libtiger (itself using Pango and Cairo). It allows
video to be converted to RGB, and overlaying of a Kate stream onto a

While there, there are various fixes/tweaks (the asm versions of the YUV
to RGB converters would move the data pointer, so anyone using those at
a later time would access bad memory; do not use sound output descriptor
if it failed to open; fix crash on seek on playing files; fix audio code
sending bad data for mono streams

The two remaining niggles are: RGB/BGR issues (it works fine here, but
I have the feeling it might need another version for big endian archs);
the API for using Tiger - I don't like it, so it may change. If anyone
has suggestions, I'm all ears :)

If anyone wants to test this with a non text stream, mail me privately,
I've chopped a 12 MB portion of a DVD of mine which contains two Kate
streams as DVD style images. Text streams are trivial to create using
either ffmpeg2theora or kateenc/oggz merge (or I can send some too).

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