[ogg-dev] Ogg slow _os_body_expand

Poskryakov Dmitry balmer at kranx.com
Fri Oct 31 04:56:19 PDT 2008

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com wrote:
>> New data accomulate in ogg_stream_state use ogg_stream_pagein.
> Check that the pages are increasing in timestamps (eg, run oggz-validate
> from oggz-tools, from www.annodex.net).
oggz-validate have empty output with my videofile.
> Check that you're not pulling only one packet per page (eg, loop over
> packetout and not adding new data from the framer when you still have
> data to build packets from).
No, all is ok. But sound buffer is empty, before played all video content.
While reading 2 megabytes video content and pull it in ogg_stream_pagein 
have summary 400-500 ms stall
in function _os_body_expand.
All problem is in first 2-3 sec video. Later on video played no problem.

Of course after understanding this problem, I create hand-maded buffer
after ogg_sync_pageout and before ogg_stream_pagein.

Video exported with ffmpeg2theora-0.22-thusnelda.exe
resolution 1280x720,
additional flag -v 10.

Poskryakov Dmitry Balmer
KranX Productions 

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