[ogg-dev] Album art - requirements

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 07:24:46 PDT 2008

> The only vector format you mentioned was SVG.  Both PNG and TIFF are
> raster graphic, and PDF either uses lossless compression (a scheme
> based on TIFF I reckon) or JPEG.

PDF can contain both vector and raster graphics.  In the case of my
album art, all but a small logo is vector.

While SVG *would* print as well as the PDF, its encoding of the raster
portion would likely be quite inefficient, as SVG is an XML
application, so binary data has to be encoded in a way that doesn't
yield any XML metacharacters: "<", ">" and "&", possibly others.

I don't yet have the PDF on my website, but here is a PNG of the case
insert's front cover:


That looks OK one screen, but has bad jaggies when printed.  Far worse
is the fine text on the other three pages of the insert.  You can see
all four pages at the bottom of this page:


The CD label is shown at the top of that page.

The only raster graphics anywhere in my art is the Ogg Frog logo - the
black and blue frog clinging to a compact disc.


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