[ogg-dev] Album art - requirements

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Mon Oct 13 06:02:00 PDT 2008


there was a thread a few months ago about album art, and how to
embed it in an Ogg stream. The outcome was unconclusive, and kind
of settled on the existing practice of adding a uuencoded image
in a Vorbis comment, or similar.

A better solution would be to embed those images as a separate
stream, including hints as to what image represents (front cover,
back cover, etc). The obvious candidate for this would be OggMNG,
but it seems to be dead too.

Kate streams can include PNG images, so are another possibility,
but the problem of telling a client what each image is remains.

One solution would be to add each image as a separate Kate stream
with a specific category (eg, "art/front-cover", "art/back-cover",
etc). This would mean adding as many categories as possible
image types.

Another would be to add a single Kate stream, with a category of,
say, "album-art", and different data packets, presumably with a
zero presentation time, each holding an image. The description
could then be using the packet's text with a free description.
This would make the description be in a particular language too.

This post is a starting point for gathering info about what needs
to be expressed, what information needs to be stored, and what
links need to be made between those. Then, I'll be able to see
whether a Kate stream could carry album art, and how.


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