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Mon Mar 24 17:02:25 PDT 2008

(from, er, probably libFLAC)) and oggz (from liboggz) ought to be just
what you need. oggz tools will merge tracks togehter and allow changing
comments in them. However, FLAC have their own tagging system, but
I think it's Vorbis comments based too (don't quote me on that though).

> Currently, my friend's band is recording an album and is planning on
> uploading it to Jamendo. This requires it to be in FLAC format-- could he do
> this (in spite of the fact that media players don't support it yet)?

Sure. We do lots of things that aren't supported by media players yet :)

> Did you take a look at the bug report and did it look ok? I thought it might
> need more information but you're much more familiar with this

I don't know enough about these programs to comment on anything but the
wording: technically, they (probably) support multiplexed audio, allowing
a stream to be selected. I'd say something like "they don't support dynamically
mixing several logical tracks from the input stream" to make it clear what you
are after.

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