[ogg-dev] Re: [Vorbis] Re: New Media Codec: Audio, Video & Atmosphere Lighting help

xiphmont at xiph.org xiphmont at xiph.org
Tue Mar 11 17:57:43 PDT 2008

There is one additional thing to consider.

I would expect DMX or the like to be a discontinuous-time codec.
Events happen randomly, and as such the 'playback' of such a stream
does not search all the way forward through the stream looking for the
next event to have it queued up and ready.  The discontinuous scheme
does not buffer a discontinuous stream in advance, but relies on the
mux to have the packets of the discontinuous stream 'pop out' at the
right time in the process of buffering and decoding the continuous
streams that are included as well.

Aside form that, you pretty much only need to come up with an initial
header packet, and a format for each DMX-etc packet to go into the Ogg
stream.  Write it all down and send it along; if it's a complete spec,
we'll accept and publish it.


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