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not sure who to send this to, since it seems to be duplicated in both
speex and liboggz,
so I'm sending to the whole list.

This fixes an off by one bug in the user of snprintf, and returns
negative if writing the
header returns negative (otherwise we'd just get a short write, losing
the error).
This patch isn't tested though, but I compiled it :)

Also, I've not fixed this (yet ?) but I believe the filling of the ogg
packets is bogus as it
will fill it with values in whatever endianness the current host has.
It should be using
oggpack_write and friends instead, I think. I may be missing something though.

I found this while having a look at liboggz, which Ivo pointed me to.
This seems to do
what ogg-tools do, only more and better, from the admittedly quick
read I had of it..
Are there plans to use these rather than ogg-tools as the "official"
way of manipulating
ogg streams ?
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