[ogg-dev] oggz-chop CGI

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Fri Feb 29 00:42:23 PST 2008


I've just checked in some code that allows the new oggz-chop tool to
be used as a CGI handler. An Apache server can be configured to use it
to handle all Ogg files (or, all Ogg files in a particular directory).
An example config is in the source tree, along with a script for
installing it on a Debian server.

The oggz-chop binary checks if it is being run as a CGI script (by
checking some environment variables), and if so acts based on the CGI
query parameter t=, much like mod_annodex. It accepts all the time
specifications that mod_annodex accepts (npt and various smpte
framerates), and start and end times separated by a /.

It does not currently add a skeleton track, or attempt to modify the
skeleton track of files which have it. In the current revision (r3506)
it is simply designed to chop raw Ogg files without skeleton. It does
however include theora data since the previous keyframe as required
for decode.

The code is in liboggz svn: see particularly the debian-postinst.sh
and apache/oggz-chop.conf (after running ./configure).

Testing/feedback appreciated. I'll be away for the next few days tho,
so I won't be around to fix it if it breaks till next week :-)



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