[ogg-dev] Re: Updating the Ogg mapping for Dirac

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Thu Feb 28 10:29:04 PST 2008

On 28-Feb-08, at 10:16 AM, xiphmont at xiph.org wrote:

> The 'shim' paradigm does not use fishbone.  The Ogg spec currently
> needs information necessary to interpret granulepos and granpos
> indexing in the initial header...

As I understand it, that's not the argument for the custom header. If  
you can ask the codec, you can get all this information out of the  
Dirac sequence header. It contains exactly what the initial header of  
an Ogg stream is supposed to contain.

Instead, the argument is that, like with Vorbis, replicating the code  
to parse this information outside the codec is tedious (David said  
his diff was 143 lines) and it would be better for stand-alone remux  
applications like annodex if they could read the info directly. But I  
thought that was what Skeleton was for, with the additional advantage  
that it's stored in a codec-independent way.


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