[ogg-dev] Skeletal relations

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Fri Feb 15 23:35:28 PST 2008

On 15-Feb-08, at 10:11 PM, Conrad Parker wrote:

>>  Lang: <locale>
> generally I think we should go with existing HTTP and email headers
> where possible, eg. Content-Language


>>  Description: <string>
> I kinda feel that this kind of human-readable metadata better belongs
> in CMML; the skeleton tells you where to go (for each locale), the
> CMML has language-specific metadata.

This is fine for the stream as a whole, but I don't see how it helps  
with describing a particular audio track. The idea is that Role (or  
Provides) gives the client software a way to choose directly, and  
Description gives it a way to refine the options it offers the user.

Content-ID: a2
Content-Type: audio/vorbis
Content-Language: en
Provides: Commentary
Description: Audio Commentary by the Director and Writers
Description.fr: Le commentaire du metteur en scène

Content-ID: a3
Content-Type: audio/vorbis
Content-Language: en
Provides: Commentary
Description: Audio Commentary by the Cast

>>  = Relations =
>> The value of each of these is an Ogg stream serial number.
> perhaps an ID (labelled by Content-ID or similar) is more robust.

Right, you mentioned that at LCA, I just forgot.

>>  Substitutes: <serialno>
>>  Parallels: <serialno>
> my proposal for these stems from Debian package relationships, where
> Provides, Depends, Recommends, Suggests, Conflicts are defined locally
> to each package. In aggregate (considering the whole universe of
> debian packages) these fields describe the graph of package
> relationships, but in isolation they are robust in that changes to
> other packages don't necessarily force a change to the relationship
> metadata.

Yeah, that part's all good. I look forward to your writeup though,  
because I think the problem space is a little different. Provides  
works as a synonym for Role, but how do you do Overlays?

Content-ID: overlay1
Role: subtitle
Overlays: video1


Content-ID: overlay1
Provides: subtitles
Depends: video1

I guess it works to make depends a synonym for Overlays. I do like  
Suggests as a way to flag a default configuration.

> In terms of skeleton, two tracks which provide the same thing (eg.
> subtitles, but in different languages) don't need to contain metadata
> referencing each other. Instead they simply "Provide: subtitles", and
> that metadata does not need to be changed if similar tracks are added
> or removed.

What role does Conflicts have?

>>  Question: Is it better to specify multiple relations with a list of
>>  serial numbers, or with multiple message headers?
> these are equivalent, as defined for email/HTTP message headers
> (multiple message headers can be intercalated with commas).

Ok, thanks.


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