[ogg-dev] Pulse AO plugin priority

David Walser luigiwalser at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 05:19:49 PST 2008

Just a quick note that the priority in the Pulse AO
plugin (ao/src/plugins/pulse/ao_pulse.c) should be
changed from 41 to 50 (in the ao_pulse_info struct).

Since the plugin now ships as part of libao, its
priority should be a factor of 5, as that's how I
designed the plugin priority system.  Plugins that
ship with libao should be a factor of 5, so that 3rd
party plugins can fit in between them as need be.

The other reason for this is to move pulse detection
ahead of aRts, as Linux distributions are getting
ready to use PulseAudio by default, and will be
configuring aRts to send its output to Pulse, so it
makes more sense for libao to use pulse directly
instead of through aRts.  For users that aren't
running both at the same time, this change won't have
any negative impact.

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