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Wed Feb 13 03:01:04 PST 2008

> what change to what API, what magic?

The changes I'd suggested to fishead_from_ogg and friends to return an int
rather than a packet, so the magic check can return an error if it
doesn't match.
The packet/header pointer would be an added parameter to the functions.
Actually I think I'd sent this to you only rather than the list.
And it looks like skeleton is not used widely enough that an API change would
be disruptive.
If you've missed that mail, there was also in the followup patch a
version of the
writing code that wrote to a descriptor (more general than a FILE*).

For reference, here's the patch I'd sent, but that was done before your own
patch for big endian hosts (and it's using bitwise.c, which I didn't know at the
time was not-really-supposed-to-be-in-ogg code).

I can make the API change tonight if people think it's OK to change it now.
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