[ogg-dev] How to fix broken ogg/theora files

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Wed Dec 10 07:42:34 PST 2008

Hi there,

I haven't been on this list until now, so I wasn't aware of this problem until last night ;-) - sorry for that. 

I am working on a patch for oggCut for that issue (looks good actually but I would like to do some testing befor I can release a patch.)

Normal players are not effected by the page time misordering, so I took this issue as "minor". The reason for the misordering is that oggCut works on per-packet basis. Therefor there is usually a small time offset between the audio and video.
The packet are delivered to the muxer in the way they are received from the demuxer, so in some cases, the packets will not be in the right order any more and therefor the packets are not ordered correctly.

I give an additional buffer (500ms) to oggCut, so that packets can be reordered. I think this will solve the problem.

BTW oggCut cuts at keyframes, if you want to cut a video 100% perfect, I would suggest to use a video cut program.

- Yorn

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