[ogg-dev] ffmpeg2theora and kate

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Sat Aug 30 04:23:44 PDT 2008


I've seen a reference someone from xiph found memory corruption using
ffmpeg2theora with kate subtitles - any chance this is someone on this list ?
If so, I can have a look and fix this if you send details.
Also, note that if using 0.21 (rather than svn), that one went live without
a patch that fixed a crash on bad syntax input files, should be fixed in svn.
I ran ffmpeg2theora with valgrind (though that was a while ago) and it was OK,
and it's not finding anything just now running Valgrind either, so if you have
input files you can send that show the problem, that'd be helpful too.

Thanks (and sorry for the bugs)

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