[ogg-dev] [PATCH] liboggplay - kate support, build fixes, and misc

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Mon Apr 28 13:27:59 PDT 2008

2008/4/23 ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com <ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com>:
> > I think you forgot to include oggplay-uninstalled.pc.in in the patch :-)
>  Attached, plus the oggplay.pc.in as well, as I added @KATE_CFLAGS@
>  to both.
>  Also attached is a patch to avoid miscounting the number of active tracks
>  (a bug in my previous patch),

thanks, applied in changesets 3568 and 3569.

> and the current patch to the mozilla plugin
>  (still work in progress, the Javascript API will change a little) if anyone
>  feels like commenting.

I'll assume this is obsoleted by the updated patch you sent yesterday :-)


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