[ogg-dev] metadata on the wiki

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 01:05:26 PDT 2007

David K. Gasaway wrote:
> On 14 Sep 2007 at 15:52, Ian Malone wrote:
>> Vorbis comments could do better than they currently do
>> but no-one seems compelled to implement any of the exotic
>> tag proposals that have hung around for years.  
> Exotic tag proposals?!  Do you mean the ones linked from the wiki?  As 
> far can tell, the only roadblock to "implementation" (by which, I 
> assume you mean support from players) is their unofficial status.

Yes.  I know of only three uses of extensions to the standard
set of vorbiscomments in the wild:

1. Rhythmbox makes use of the DISCNUMBER field.  It cannot be
    set by the user (must use another program to set the info).
2. REPLAYGAIN is understood by a few players (can't remember if
    Winamp or Directshow filters will do it).  Command line tool
    or foobar2000 to set them.
3. Musicbrainz tags.  Only Musicbrainz software seems to interact
    with these (it will of course add year, title etc. too).

On the other hand not even all of the standard set is commonly
used (ISRC, organization).


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