[ogg-dev] The use for an XML based metadata format

David K. Gasaway dave at gasaway.org
Sun Sep 16 22:47:19 PDT 2007

On 16 Sep 2007 at 22:10, Ralph Giles wrote:

> These applications are complementary. Many music players do have their 
> own database, and it makes sense to keep metadata there, if only as a
> cache. It is also to have metadata in the file itself, so that when it
> is moved, copied, posted for download by others, or just indexed by
> another music player instance it is easily available.

Absolutely.  I was trying to say that *in those scenarios* where 
complex metadata *needs* to be recorded, storing this data separate 
from the audio files has numerous benefits: improved editibility; less 
redundancy; and better expression of the relationships amoung release, 
discs, and tracks.

Even today, I use my own "metadata format" -- essentially a superset of 
vorbis comments.  There is one file per release, even with a multi-disc 
release.  As a final part of the ripping process, I apply this metadata 
to the FLAC or Vorbis files.

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