[ogg-dev] Why I reinvented the wheel with M3F

Daniel Aleksandersen aleksandersen+xiphlists at runbox.com
Sun Sep 9 16:15:35 PDT 2007

Hi ogg-dev list,

I am not trying to ‘get someone’. But I though this form would indeed prove 
successful in making my point. Here we go:

I got accused of ‘reinventing the wheel’ for this little media description 
format of mine. Fare enough. But I wanted to show everyone why it is 
sometimes best to sometings that has been done before all over. See the 
attached document. It uses existing technology plus a new name space.

I call my Frankenstein: XML+RDF+DC+M3F (or just M3F for short) or The 
Resource Description Format (RDF) built on the Extensible Markup Language 
(RDF) using the well recognised Dublin Core metadata set (DC) with the new 
Multimedia Metadata Format (M3F).

As everyone can see from the attachment: Building an all new XML name space 
without using existing ones are probably the best way to go. Even though a 
limited number of elements will be borrowed from existing formats: It will 
keep things simple when using only one well defined name space.

A good thing that came out of my childish experiment was a better name for 
the metadata format: Multimedia Metadata Format (or M3F).

Oh! And if I ever write an autobiography: This email's subject will be it's 
title! At least the ‘Why I reinvented the wheel’ part.
Daniel Aleksandersen
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