[ogg-dev] Feedback on XML metadata namespace

Daniel Aleksandersen aleksandersen+xiphlists at runbox.com
Fri Sep 7 09:25:14 PDT 2007

Hi again list,

Attached is a much improved version of yesterday's draft. Introducing the 
audio:collection:artwork element to deal with album cover graphics and 

After giving it much though; I decided to drop the audio:preformers and 
audio:recording elements. They have been replaced by audio:entities which 
is supposed to contain all involved organisations and persons. 
audio:recording:rights, :date, and other elements related to the recording 
have been changed to audio subsets.

I got a question about the use of URNs for the URI attribute. URNs are a 
subset of the URI specification. I know there is no way of resolving URNs 
as of now. But I do mean they are a much better way to describe a physical 
resource than using a URL. A URN says ‘what’, where a URL says ‘where’. The 
x- suffix is present because the ISRC numbering is not a registered URN 
name space. Note that any URI can be used. For example a web music store 
may set the attribute to point to that particular song in their online 
catalogue. Example URI attribute describing a CD by it's ISRC number in a 
URN: urn:x-isrc:0123456789

I have looked closer at the Dublin Core, and MPEG-7 metadata. This XML 
format is very much more detailed than any of those formats. Compatibility 
and mapping against these older metadata formats will prove very difficult 
without loosing functionality of this format. (Which will make this format 
worthless.) Thoughts on this, anyone?

I will create a page for discussing this format in the Xiph wiki in a couple 
of days. I had hoped to get some feedback and suggestions from the emailing 
lists before doing so.

PS: I will stop development if no one shows any interest in this XML 
metadata project. So do send in your thoughts or tip off anyone that could 
be interested in this.
Daniel Aleksandersen
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