[ogg-dev] Metadata - Comments or real data?

Daniel Aleksandersen aleksandersen+xiphlists at runbox.com
Wed Oct 3 16:35:52 PDT 2007

Hi list,

The metadata discussion seams to have died out again. I will try to revive 
it again. Here is the goals and progress of this metadata exercise so far:

The main goals this far have been to:
* Provide an all over richer description of media resources in Ogg 
container. Primarily not technical data, but other things.)
* Attribute more parties involved in music/video production.
* Clarify [distribution] rights in a human readable and preferably a 
machine-parsable way to (date of copyright; and license URIs).
* Must be free-form (only were possible to preserve machine-parsing!) and 
preferably expandable.

Please do submit ideas and carry on the work on the Xiph Wiki. As things 
stand now there are tree possible solutions to improving metadata in Ogg 
containers. See below.

* The first is a [work-around] solution involving cleaning up, clarifying, 
and expand the standard (Vorbis) comment field names. Comments are very 
limited, but by standardising and providing better documentation they can 
be improved. See current work on:

* The second solution involves introducing a new XML based format. (Possibly 
as a replacement for comments.) The draw back here is that it wold require 
hardware and software players to support XML parsing. However the gain is 
much grater when it comes to how rich the descriptions can be. See random 
thoughts and idea for more work on: (See VoribsComment page too.)

* The third option is to try and stuff in extensions to existing XML based 
and other formats in Ogg containers. Though very little interest/ideas have 
come up on this end.
Daniel Aleksandersen

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