[Vorbis-dev] Re: [ogg-dev] Peer review draft for the new media types/file extensions

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 15:15:15 PDT 2007

On 10/4/07, Ian Malone <ibmalone at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > More generally, I would like to suggest for audio/ogg with oga and
> > > video/ogg with ogv extensions that skeleton SHOULD be used for the
> > > same simple reason of being able to identify the codecs inside.
> >
> > This I'm not so sure.  AFAIK, there's still no official or
> > non-official tools out there (except a few simple SVN projects) that
> > deal with Skeleton.  There's no Skeleton RFC either.  We have to push
> > for both urgently.

The skeleton I-D is part of the Annodex specificatin at this point in
time: http://annodex.net/TR/draft-pfeiffer-annodex-02.txt
We should probably split that out, but it won't we much work.

> Really this is the point; we want to be able to start using
> Skeleton and other new things.  That can't happen, and tools
> for working with them wont be widespread, until Skeleton
> starts to be widespread.  But in the current situation you
> can't add Skeleton and expect the stream to work.  This is
> why .ogg and .spx are being preserved for backward
> compatibility.

You would be amazed about how many tools already support skeleton. VLC
has support, liboggplay has support and thus the firefox extensions,
xine has support, and Tahseen implemented support for the encoding
tools, though I am not sure whether those have been merged into trunk
and been released. You are right though that there is a whole pile of
work still to be done. But if we want to move forward with the new
formats in a sensible way, a "SHOULD" is the right way. It's not a
"MUST", so it lets us do the transition gradually.


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