tool to add skeleton (was Re: [Vorbis-dev] Re: [ogg-dev] Peer review draft for the new)

Conrad Parker conrad at
Tue Oct 2 03:28:54 PDT 2007

On 02/10/2007, Ian Malone <ibmalone at> wrote:
> Martin Leese wrote:
> > 2.  Following on from 1, a tool which inputs an
> >     Ogg containier with one or more streams, and
> >     outputs a new Ogg container with the same
> >     streams plus an Ogg Skeleton stream stuffed
> >     in front would be very helpful.  The tool could
> >     also select and create the appropriate file
> >     extension.
> >
> This is pretty easy to write using liboggz from svn
> and Tahseen's skeleton creating functions (in his
> vorbis-tools branch).  I just haven't found an
> afternoon to do it yet.

Yes, that would be a good tool :-)

anxenc does a similar thing, but poorly -- it rebuilds the file from
its packets, and usually ends up quite a bit bigger; it also adds a
CMML track.

"hogg addskel" does what we want, you can get hogg from
However, it's a lot slower than an oggz version would be (due to my
poor Haskell optimization skills, not due to the choice of language

sorry that I haven't made a point of keeping the functionality of
oggz-tools and hogg in sync :-/


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