[ogg-dev] [OT] using oggenc the other way around

Tue Jun 19 09:00:09 PDT 2007


sorry to bug you, with this strange idea.

i would like to make a little installation

which plays an realtime ogg-encoded and the leftout signal at the same time over another monitoring.

therefore it would be nice to now where in libvorbis i would have to
pipe the cropped "frequencies" out, or if this is even possible.

is it possible to to this?

or would it be more reasonable to forget about this kind-of-realtime
double encoding, and simply encode it first in ogg, decode it aggain and
run a diff in between the signal after that process and the source?

i never touched libvorbis till now,
and would be pleased if somebody of u could give me a startup
orientation (i already had a short look on docs/, maybe not deep

thanks for your great work


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