[ogg-dev] Playing Theora video in Keynote on MacOS X

David Thompson dcthomp at speakeasy.net
Fri Feb 2 17:52:30 PST 2007

Hi all,

I have XiphQT installed and have some Ogg theora videos I would like  
to play in Apple's Keynote presentation software. They play fine in  
iTunes using XiphQT but don't work in Keynote. I have each video in  
two formats: (1) in a ".ogg" file, and (2) in a ".mov" file created  
by opening the ".ogg" file in QuickTime Pro and saving it as a  
QuickTime movie. I can't use either directly in Keynote, but by first  
adding them to iTunes, I can at least get Keynote to recognize them  
(they show up in Keynote's media browser).

When I try adding the ".mov"  version to a presentation, Keynote  
crashes. When I add the ".ogg" version, it shows up in Keynote as an  
"empty" rectangle (completely transparent -- only the 8 handles are  
drawn). Playing the presentation will show the video, but only the  
first few and last few frames are drawn (the movie player continues  
updating the time slider as if the movie were playing normally but no  
new frames are drawn until the last few). While still in presentation  
mode, moving the mouse to the time slider and manually dragging it  
through the movie works. However, if I exit presentation mode, click  
on the empty rectangle and go to the QuickTime tab of Keynote's  
object inspector dialog, when I select a poster frame for the movie  
and let go of the slider, Keynote crashes. All of these crashes  
appear to happen inside the XiphQT framework. I can send backtraces  
and a sample theora file if anyone is willing to look at them.

Thanks for the XiphQT package, I really enjoy it and am hoping to  
enjoy it some more with Keynote. I'm also working on adding Theora  
output to ParaView (http://www.paraview.org/), which is one of the  
reasons I would like to get Theora working in Keynote.


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