[ogg-dev] OggPCM: support for little-endianness only?

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 15:17:04 PST 2007


A recent discussion over on XiphWiki is trying to decide if OggPCM
should support only little-endianness or the usual combo of big and

It started with the following statement by an user (Qqq):

"Portable players are usually ARM, which is usually little-endian. The
Macintosh is now little-endian. Obviously the PC is little-endian.
Clearly there is a winner. It's long past time to stop putting the
bytes in an order that makes both programmers and computers do extra
work for no good reason. Don't try to hold back the tide."


It's being hard to reach a consensus considering the little amount of
people interested in OggPCM while also actively looking into the
latest developments in the wiki, and since there are more eyes here I
rather move the dicussion to the list.


P.S: Actually I never understood if OggPCM topics should go on ogg-dev
or vorbis-dev.

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