AW: [ogg-dev] embedded pictures in vorbis comments?

Mathias Kunter mathiaskunter at
Sat Apr 28 04:09:03 PDT 2007


I think we can start by defining an official field name at which is used as a file system link to an existing image file. I suggest the field name to be "PICTURE".

What is ogg MNG? Is it a container format for PNG files which should be embedded in OGG files?
If I understand correctly, the picture would be placed in a different logical stream inside the ogg file. The question is how many players or taggers are going to support this. For example, I saw that WinAmp (version 5.32) can't tag multiplexed ogg vorbis files correctly (it ruined a ogg vorbis + theora file so that only the music could be played afterwards, but not the video any more). My .NET tagging library can handle it correctly now by the way ;-)


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Hi Mathias,

The solution you are suggesting won't work because it will not only
"not work" in existing players, but probably break them completely,
such that the audio file that you are trying to improve will not play.
It is better that files which add functionality to an existing format
will continue to be played by players which only understand the old

There are some existing, conformant ways of associating image data
with Ogg files. You could enter a URL into the vorbiscomment header to
get a link to album art. Or use XSPF playlists for this. Or use
Annodex and CMML with images on chapters. All of which only deal with
links to external pictures.

But I've read the thread on the album art, and people would like to
see the pictures embedded in the stream, so let's address this.

Currently, I believe, there is no fully functioning implementation for
this at Xiph, however Ogg MNG would be the way to do this using PNG
and MNG images. Or Ogg Spots for all non-animated image types. There
is an existing implementation of Ogg MNG.

If you are really keen, why don't you start programming on Ogg MNG and
integration with Ogg Vorbis? It would be most welcomed here!


On 4/23/07, Mathias Kunter <mathiaskunter at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to ask about the possibility of embedding pictures like an album cover artwork into a vorbis comment header. Since the data in a comment string after the separating "=" has a defined length, this could theoretically also be binary picture data. For example
> "PICTURE=[...any binary data...]"
> It only would be a problem for existing software which isn't aware of this and which would try to display the binary data as text...
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