[ogg-dev] oggcodecs 0.72.1838

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Sun Sep 17 02:07:27 PDT 2006


oggcodecs are a set of directshow filters for encoding and decoding Ogg 
vorbis, speex, theora and flac. Which basically means, you can play .ogg 
files in Windows Media Player.

I have decided to finally get around to splitting the releases to stable 
and unstable. 0.72.1838 is the first unstable release. Hopefully this 
will let me have more frequent releases, without having to worry about 
breaking stuff for average users.

0.71.0946 is still the recommended release for first time users, or 
those who don't want to live on the edge. There will likely be a couple 
more unstable releases before the next stable release. It's not that I 
know this release to be unstable... it just has lots of new code which 
hasn't been properly tested yet, though it does have a lot of bugfixes.

I am not planning to take any more contracts for 6-8 weeks and I will be 
working primarily on oggcodecs for that time. So now would be a good 
time to make any outstanding and unresolved issues known to me. If you 
have in the past and they still aren't fixed, remind me again.

Current priorities are : Better encoding support, vista support, 
tagging, shell integration, better Windows Mobile 5.0 support.

Changes include
# Fixed bug that would refuse to play extremely small files
# Added YUY2 output support to better support old graphics hardware
# Updated speex to 1.2beta1
# Updated project to VS 2005
# Using theora-exp for theora decoding ~30% speed up
# Improved 24/32 bit support for FLAC (still may not be perfect)
# All code moved to unicode. Fixed bug which would fail if paths had 
unicode chars
# Custom unicode emulating(unicows) CRT's to maintain Windows 9X support
# Compatablity fixes for Media Portal and Media Player Classic
# Installer detects and offers to remove previous versions
# Installer offers to optionally associate WMP to .ogg
# MMX optimisations for libtheora ported to MASM, encoding ~25-30% faster
# Xiph fish icon in explorer
# Code ported to Windows Mobile 5.0 (currently unreleased build)
# Switch to integer decoding version of speex

For more information and to download... see 

In the medium term, hopefully I will finally get a new website that 
doesn't suck so bad.


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