[ogg-dev] Souffleur subtittle editor (SoC). Need Help with GStreamer

Daraku otaky at ukr.net
Tue Jun 20 12:04:58 PDT 2006

Hi, All!!!

I am at last added some GStreamer support to the Souffleur, and I am
already read this manuals:
 - http://pygstdocs.berlios.de/
But it's steel hard for me to understand (or maybe I something missed)
how it work. :(

For example: I don't know where to search info on how to load additional
info on streams (LANGAGE, AUTHOR...). Or how to load streams data
(Subtitle text). Or how to select some streams in multi streams file
(one video, and one audio) to play...

Please help me with docs.


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