[ogg-dev] Ambisonics und OggPCM

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Nov 15 03:06:59 PST 2005


> > Sorry, but that fork took over now. As I mentioned in the last email,
> > your version needs to be renamed ArcPCM to reflect the fact that it's a
> > mix of Pulse Code Modulation with your ego.
> No.  I started OggPCM, since it was never proposed to Xiph.org it remains my 
> trademark until which time it is accepted by Xiph and by myself for release. 
> It would be similar to me releasing Speex v2.0 - it is not my right, because you 
> used and promoted the name first, and that makes it yours.  If I were to fork 
> Speex I would be legally required to change the name of my fork.
> One thing you have missed, prehaps, is that the purpose of OggPCM is to work 
> with my Ogg convience library, I already have code which uses the earlier draft 
> of OggPCM, and will release my library with or without Xiph in a matter of days.


This is spinning out of control very quickly - destruction of the
universe seems nigh.  Are you sure this is the road you want to take ?
You've gone from claiming to speak for the Xiph community and being its
number one paladin protecting Ogg from evil to "threatening" to release
"your" library without Xiph.

If there are about seven people who can all, by rights, claim to be part
of this community, who are trying to tell you that your actions are
hurting the Xiph community, while there is one person - you - who isn't
even sure anymore if he's part of the Xiph community - what does that
mean ?

Wouldn't it be good to re-evaluate what it means for you to be part of
the Xiph community, and whether or not you actually want to be ? I'm not
saying "go away" - I am saying, though, that you cannot force yourself
to be part of a community.  If you have seven active community members
around you trying to get you to play nice, and you refuse, then you
cannot magically declare yourself to be the only community member and
have it be so.

Please.  Take a step back, read through all these threads again, and
notice seven people trying to explain to you that you are forcing
control over this project rather than receiving control based on merit.


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