[ogg-dev] OggPCM2 : chunked vs interleaved data

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+xiph at mega-nerd.com
Tue Nov 15 00:58:04 PST 2005

Hi all,

The remaining issue to be decided for the OggPCM2 spec is the support 
of chunked vs interleaved data.

Just so that everyone understands what we are talking about, consider a
stereo file that gets stored as an OggPCM file. Within an OggPCM packet,
the audio samples for the left and right channels can be stored as 
interleaved where the samples would be:

    l0, r0, l1, r1, ..... lN, rN

or as chunked where the samples would be:

    l0, l1, l2, ..... lN, r0, r1, r2, .... rN

So the question is do we support:

    a) interleaved
    b) chunked
    c) both

This is file level storage. An API for reading this data could still
allow the demulitplexing/re-multiplexing on the fly.


  Erik de Castro Lopo
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