[ogg-dev] Ambisonics und OggPCM

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+xiph at mega-nerd.com
Mon Nov 14 08:10:22 PST 2005

oliver oli wrote:

> Hi,
> this message is a cross-post to the Sursound and ogg-dev mailig list.
> The developers on the ogg-dev list are defining the Ogg/PCM format and 
> on Sursound list there discussion about Amisonics file formats recently. 
> I have not been able to follow both disussion, just skimmed through. But 
> maybe you can work together to bring Ambisonics into Ogg/PCM? :)
> http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/OggPCM

That spec is being superceded by:


Not the 2 at the end this time.

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