[ogg-dev] OggPCM format description, rev 3

Rene Herman rene.herman at keyaccess.nl
Mon Nov 14 04:49:50 PST 2005

jkoleszar at on2.com wrote:

> I updated the wiki with another rev of this format. Updates include
> support for 43 formats in 14 coding schemes, as derived from the ALSA API.

As an interested bystander, I see that this proposal still has only one 
format and one rate field for possibly many channels. Earlier someone 
made the point that you might want to store main and side/back channels 
with different width and/or rate. Using different logical streams was 
suggested as an alternative, but has that been discussed enough?

Still only as that interested bystander, I expect different rates to 
probably be a pain (what's a frame?) but per-channel format sounded 
fairly straightforward.

Another point made was that of encoding channel information. Ie, are N 
channels N mono channels, are some pairs to be considered stereo-pairs, 
some M-tuples to be considered <M-phonic> pairs?

Don't see anything on the wiki about those issues, so thought I'd bring 
  them up again just in case they slipped through. Not lobbying for 
anything, just interested...


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