[ogg-dev] OggPCM proposal feedback

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+xiph at mega-nerd.com
Fri Nov 11 02:02:41 PST 2005

Arc wrote:

> I know you're new to our little development community, so I'm responding with 
> constructive feedback rather than ignoring your statements.

This is actually rather amusing. I have known a number of people in the
Xiph community for a number of years. These people all consider you an 
idiot that they'd prefer to ignore but sometimes actually have to work 

Fortunately I can dop off this list in an instance and never have to deal 
with you again. However, I think you're funny so I'm just going to lurk
and have a quiet laugh at every post you make.

> We work by rough consensus of affected parties. 

The rest of xiph maybe. You don't.

> I, for example, am writting the 
> framework and likely the inital set of codec plugins, so I have an invested 
> interest in having something useable.

I look forward to seeing it. I always like a laugh.

> You were asked to contribute feedback because you have experience in raw audio 
> codec implementations.  You are not familiar with Ogg, nor apparently, the 
> existing audio codecs within it, as you yourself disclaimed in the beginning of 
> your first email in this thread:

I am at least partially aware of my own ignorance. You seem to be blissfully
unaware of either the depth or the breadth of yours. Your combining of
arrogance and stubbornness with your ignorance is truely stunning.

> Debate and compromise, in an open friendly atmosphere, is thus critical.

The only place you have compromised so far is when you have been so wrong
that it was embarrassing how wrong you actually were.

Please go away and implement your OggPCM so that someone with a clue will
see what a hash you've made of it and decide to re-design and reimplement
the whole thing.

  Erik de Castro Lopo
"C++ : You won't live long enough to learn it all from 
experience." -- Peter Miller (author of Aegis)

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