[ogg-dev] OggPCM proposal feedback

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Thu Nov 10 02:23:33 PST 2005


> The flexibility of this does, though, encourage stuff like 96bit audio.  
> Anyone implementing a codec which uses this, and import/exports it, will 
> also write the appropriate conversion OggStream plugin which will allow 
> applications which only support, say, 16bit audio, to work with it.

Do you think the noise in your 16bit application will sound different
between a conversion from a 96bit or 80bit audio file from the same
analog source ? If the argument for keeping these fields freeform is to
support 96bit audio, I'd say Erik is right that you shouldn't pick
freeform fields.

As a practical matter, I don't see a direct use case for a
file/interchange format with a 540 dB dynamical range.


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