[ogg-dev] OggYUV

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Tue Nov 8 21:14:08 PST 2005

> I agree, which is why I wrote the OggPCM draft when we already have FLAC. 
> These
> formats are not difficult to design or implement, and I think the added
> efficiency and simplicity will more than make up for it.

Which i looked at... and i'm wondering why on earth it has a sync code in 
the packet... that's the whole point of putting it in a container.

> Now, if you're on Windows, and you want FourCC data, sure you'll have to 
> run it
> through a table.  But that's better than forcing FourCC on GNU/Linux, 
> making us
> look up arbitrary 32-bit sequences to see what parameters they call for.

Or you could still have a fourcc field, as was suggested, and when it's a 
non-fourcc type, set it to zero.

> Ah - I'm basking in the great feeling of liberation from the constraints 
> of
> an proprietary OS and it's obsolete media framework ;-)

Seems to me you are just trying to be antagonistic. But anyway, if the idea 
is make something to be deliberately different then fine, i'm willing to try 
and find a compromise that works for everyone, when in reality it's much 
easier for me to just do it my own way.


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