[ogg-dev] OggYUV

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Tue Nov 8 18:52:53 PST 2005

This also includes, other non raw formats...

"fourcc" 's of rgb types

raw yuv formats only

Registered fourcc codecs

Enumeration of actual types that are used in directshow (bottom of page)

Descriptions of the common yuv types used in windows

> Just because the codec supports it, doesn't mean that every application 
> which
> uses the codec must support all the possibilities.  By making the data
> definition generic we allow more re-used code (ie, for colorspace 
> converters)
> and prevent the "raw codec" sprawl you above described with FourCC codecs.

Well thats the thing about raw codecs, if you use the types that are 
supported by hardware and/or other codecs, you don't have to do anything 
except copy the memory.  When you start using things that no hardware 
generates, or can display directly, that's when you have to write code to 

All i'm saying, is there are certain types that are defined, hardware can 
display them, hardware like cameras generate them.


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