[ogg-dev] Extracting Ogg metadata from File-like python objects

Salim Fadhley salimfadhley at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 02:37:54 PDT 2005

I wouldnt go so far to call it a bug; the pyOgg software does what it
says it does very well, my beef is with the unPythonic design of the

In most languages a file is a file is a file, however in Python a very
commonly used idiom is to make classes emulate certain archetypal
classes, For example a class representing betting-odds might emulate a
floating-point number, despute having very different arethmetic

Rather than re-implement the low-level details of file access; it
would be nifty if the pyOgg libs were supplied as mixins, so I could
just combine them with my file-like classes in order to make a
file-like Ogg-aware class, for example:

class OggVorbisFile(virtualFile, oggCommentAwareMixin):
    # Blah

By the way, the projects we require this for are 'Plodcasting' (a
Podcasting tool for Zope/Plone), and it's component ATAudio, a plone
product for representing Audio files as content with mutable metadata.


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