[ogg-dev] ogm file format

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Thu Apr 14 00:18:47 PDT 2005

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> I suggest you try out Ogg Theora for Ogg-based video.  It's fully
> documented and, well, patent-free (whereas OGM requires a MPEG-4 license
> to be distributed legally - it was produced by a 3rd party, not Xiph).

No it doesn't. OGM allows *any* video format with a FOURCC code to be put 
into an ogg file. While a large proportion of ogm files around do in fact 
use divX or similar, that's through the choice of the content encoder not 
because of ogm.

OGM can also embed raw video formats like RGB or YUV raw types, which have 
no patent issues.

OGM is just a codec meta-header.


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